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Jesus Never Changes


Yesterday my daughters and I took a little adventure after dropping off my eldest’s transcripts at a college she is transferring to. We visited Volunteer Park which is located on Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA. I haven’t visited this park since I was in elementary school and was delighted to explore it again after all these years.

The one thing I vividly remember from my last visit is the old water tower. This tower is built from beautiful old bricks and is filled with visual history. It has 180 stairs that wind up to the top observation deck. I’m not a fan of winding staircases because it seems to set off my vertigo. Usually I avoid going up them but I really wanted to join my girls at the top so I gave it a try. Sure enough, halfway up I started to feel a little off but I know I was almost there and couldn’t quit. Each step brought me closer to my destination. I knew I’d get there sooner than later and kept on going. My reward for reaching to top was to view the beautiful park from the tree tops with my daughters.

I took this picture when I was halfway to the top. It reminded about a promise that the Lord has given to us. The path immediately before us may be dark and uncertain but the Lord always shines a light up ahead that will lead us to Him. He never leaves us when we’re walking through uncertainty. He never changes when our world is changing. He is our solid rock when the ground beneath us becomes shifting sand.

I will leave you with this one simple yet amazing verse of God’s promise to us, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8). The fact that the Lord never changes give me a great sense of peace. Our world is changing quickly. Frightening things are happening and this unrest around the world makes our future here on earth feel uncertain. What a blessing it is for us to serve a God who knows that we need something solid and unchanging to cling to. I pray today if you are facing an uphill climb that is dark that you will cling to the One who will light the path ahead of you to show you the way to go.

Krista Jones – 7.8.17